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Innovative Public Employee Program

Maximizing Your Retirement

Retire Comfortably

Your public employee pension may not be enough to live the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Our retirement for public employee programs ensures you have just what you need to retire comfortably.

Our public employee retirement program options allow you to choose the best plans for you beyond your pension. For example, tax-free retirement supplementation with 403b retirement plans secures your retirement without paying tax until you withdraw. In addition, 401k rollovers ensure you don’t lose what you’ve already saved.

Plan Highlights

Maximizing Your Pension- We analyze your pension’s survivor benefits to see if a more cost-effective way to protect your spouse may be.

Tax-Free Retirement Supplementation: Explore retirement plans that will supplement your pension with tax-free income dollars to protect you from future tax increases.

Retirement Income Savings: Hedging against inflation and market downturns.

457/401(k) Rollovers: Protect the hard-earned money inside your 401(K) and 457 plans from market risk while still having the ability to participate in similar gains.

403(b) Retirement Plans-We focus on the retirement needs of individual public-school employees and some tax-exempt organizations requiring 403b retirement plans.

Debt Free Program:

Mortgage payments, student debt, auto loans, credit cards, and medical debts, the journey to achieving the American dream can leave many of us saddled with debt. We create a plan to become debt-free in under 9 years without spending any more money.



Disclaimer: Plan requirements, qualifications, restrictions, and availability apply. Please speak with a licensed agent for details. Call Us (720) 744-0065

We offer public employee programs nationally – local Colorado market (all counties)