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Plans Starting at $17 / Month. 

Having the Right Health Insurance is Key to Quality Health Healthcare and Preventing Financial Disasters; It’s Attainable Through Our Expertly Recommended Affordable Health Insurance Plans.


Based on your needs and budget, We Shop All Available Options (Including ACA & Non- ACA Plans) to Find You, The Right Coverage at Right Price.


The Law Fixes Insurance Rates: You WILL NOT Find A Better Price Elsewhere. Our Services Are Completely Free.

We Shop, Saving You Time and Money.
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Individual & Family Health Insurance Options


Affordable Care Act (ACA) / Obamacare

Most Major Medical Health Insurance fall under Affordable Care Act (ACA). Highlights if ACA plans are as follows:

- Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

- Preventative Health Services

- Mental & Substance Abuse Coverage
 - No limitation for Maximum Life-time Benefit

 - Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) Based on Income

- Emergency Services

 - Pregnancy, Maternity, and Newborn Care

- Other

We offer Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans nationally and in local Colorado Market. We are an authorized broker with Connect for Health Colorado and Covered California State Exchanges.


Non-ACA Plans

All other plans that are outside of ACA are Non-ACA Plans. They Include:

- Short -Term Medical Plans
- Medical Indemnity & Defined Benefit Plans
- Health-Share Ministry Plans

Short-Term Medical Plans

These plans are an inexpensive way to obtain healthcare coverage. They offer national PPO Network. They range from 1 month to 13-month coverage. These plans are not available in all states (based on state regulations).

Short-Term plans typically don’t cover pre-existing conditions coverage or have a 12-month waiting period. If you are in great health without any history of pre-existing conditions, Short-Term Health Plans might be the way to go.

Medical Indemnity & Defined Benefit Plans

These plans offer fixed dollar benefits for medical services used. They offer nationwide PPO network and are an inexpensive way to obtain healthcare coverage.

For example, in-network renegotiated primacy care doctor visits cost $150. Let’s assume the plan pays $100 and you’re responsible for the remainder $50.


Health-Share Ministry Plans

Health-share plans are cooperatives – often faith-based – with members agreeing to cover a certain portion of each other’s medical costs. They are NOT insurance. They do offer In-Network and Out of Network benefits. Not all Health-Share are the same. Some are more restricted than others.

Highlights of Health-Share Ministry Plans:
- Affordable alternative to traditional health insurance.
- They do have a waiting period, and some don’t cover pre-existing conditions.
- Enrollment is not guaranteed as they do have some basic underwriting requirements.
- They don’t cover everything. For example, tobacco related illness, mental health, substance abuse, and other services are not covered.

We do offer a wide range of Health-Share Ministry plans. These plans
aren’t for everyone. Speak with an agent for an evaluation.



Disclaimer: Plan requirements, qualifications, restrictions, and availability apply. Please speak with a licensed agent for details. Call Us (720) 744-0065

We offer Individual & family insurance nationally 

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